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I’ve decided to move my blog while it’s still young – if you’re a current follower you’ll have to follow the new page – Sweet Lemonade Tea Poetry If your curious- I am also working on a writers blog for myself which you can follow below:Melissa Allor author blog Sorry for the confusion! This blog will no longer be updated however and I want you to be able to find my new site! Thanks! Again sorry for any confusion I was under the impression my followers would be attached in the transfer and it didn’t work out that way when I transferred from to!

Abandoned Cabin

Peeled paint like my torn thumbnail

moss coated walls like my two week old bread

door unhinged like my mind after a loss

rotted wood stinks like the smell of a nearby frog

sewage creeps up like the swamp in my backyard

mold in the tub sticks like the frost in my freezer

flower in the floor like my heart in my chest

holes in the walls like the eyes in my head

the drip in the faucet like the tears that I shed

for the abandoned cabin like the body of my friend.





Little Man

Once upon the forest floor

a little man showed me a door

made of twigs and stone and bits

my heart was clearly having fits.

I crawled on through the little door

and the little man, he showed me more

a rooster with a golden kiss

and a goat that could grant a wish.

I stayed as long as the man would let

a table for dinner he even set

but when the sun grew low in the sky

it became clear I had to say goodbye.

I never saw the little man again

although he told me his name was Ken.

Once back through the secret door

It disappeared, there was no more.

Rain Dragon

Within the depths of her coal-black eyes

behind the thickness of protective scales

lies the secret of the Rain Dragon’s mind

and the yearning for comprehension.

Her fiery breath could cook you alive

yet you stand with anticipation

waiting to hear the secrets

of the Rain Dragon’s hesitation.

Her heart is strong and reaches you

you shudder from the sensation

and just as quickly it pulls away

and her abandonment causes you to awaken.

The sudden departure has opened

your eyes, to a new order of business

the Rain Dragon’s life

is now yours to defend

her honor, yours to command.

The Rain Dragon shared her love

for you, and you by default have changed.

The Rain Dragon is no beast

to be conquered, but a child poorly behaved.

Do what’s best for her

and shield her from mankind,

love wins in this game.